Girl Made of Stars Book Review

I picked this book out from the library because the color looked so pretty and it stood out to me. It wasn’t until after I got the book home that I read the description of it.

Summary: Owen and Mara are twins who are always at each other’s side and support each other through the good times and even the difficult times. All of this comes to a change though when Hannah, Owen’s girlfriend, Watch as Mara tries to figure out so much on her own, such as: how Charlie, her best friend now ex-girlfriend fits into her life, who to believe, and more.

Thoughts: There are so many things that I enjoy in this book and so much that I think was handled carefully and done well. I think that this book has so much going on but rather than district to the main theme is adds to the story. I think the fact that it has so much going on really adds to the complexity of the characters and how difficult life must be for Mara as more things stack on top of each other.

I really enjoy how each theme is handled and how each of the themes intermingle with each other. The main themes of this book are sexual assault, familial ties/alliances, and identity. I think that the topic of sexual assault is one that needs to be handled with delicacy while also having some truths to it and I think this book does just that.

Something that I really enjoyed even thought it made me mad at times was that you got to see how Owen was torn about the whole thing. You got to see him be hurt and his family hurt by his actions, but also watch them respond with sympathy towards him. I wanted so much to hate this aspect of the book but I couldn’t just like Mara found it so hard to have any sort of feelings against her brother.

I think that this book really covers the reality of sexual assault and rape for women and how difficult coming forward with it really is. I think watching both Hannah come forward and Mara not say anything really speaks to the differences in why someone may or may not say something.

I can’t say what kind of people I recommend this to because I think it’s a great read for anyone. What I will say thought is if you do read this I recommend having someone to discuss it with after. The book topics can be heavy for anyone but especially for those of us who are survivors. If you read it and want to unpack it with someone feel free to talk to me about it.

You can purchase this book on Amazon or look for it at your local library.

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