The Sun is Also a Star Movie Review and Book Comparison

I had the chance to see The Sun is Also a Star for free as an advanced screening through Warner Brothers so I decided to give it a try since I recently read the book. I took my mom with me to see what someone else’s opinion of the movie would be without prior book knowledge and we both walked away with differing opinions. Now before I begin I want to say that this movie would have been good if I had not read the book before.

Warning: Spoilers Ahead

The love story between Natasha and Daniel is really cute and just how I imagine it would be in the book. They start off very awkward with each other and Natasha being completely closed off to the idea of love until their relationship develops and she finds herself falling in love with Daniel. So while I loved watching their dynamic change there were small aspects of the movie that were big in the book that I wasn’t too fond of.

First, the reason that they are being deported in the movie is drastically different from the book. There is one mention in the movie of their deportation being due to a random factory raid while in the book it’s due to Natasha’s dad’s carelessness while being pulled over for a DUI. I thought that the reasoning behind the deportation was a central part of the book and why Natasha had such strong and conflicting feelings towards her dad. I believe that it really added another layer to the story and really made things complex and wish that they would have kept that the same in the movie.

Second, we all now that this isn’t going to end well, you can tell from the beginning and even the trailer to this movie but there was a key reason for the deportation not being changed that wasn’t included in the book. The fact that they changed this really upset me because this was another change that made it so that Natasha wasn’t angry at someone. I wanted to see her anger as the book clearly shows it as one of the most important aspects to her story and what contributes to her feelings towards Daniel.

Third, for me I think this was one of the most important aspects that I really wanted to see and was so dissapointed that the character wasn’t included. The whole reason that Natasha and Daniel crash into each other in the book is because of a security lady who holds up the line because she so thoroughly inspects each of Natasha’s items in her bag. This woman feels so disconnected with the world and just is hoping for someone to see her and Natasha thanks this woman for her encounter with Daniel. It isn’t until the ending of the book that we meet this woman again and she thanks Natasha for that day because she was ready to commit suicide until she got that thank you. It is in that moment that Natasha and Daniel notice they are on the same plane and that is what you are left with. Not with a happy ending but with a question of what happens next? The movie isn’t like that, the movie gives you a happy ending and I just wasn’t feeling it.

Now all that to say the movie wasn’t bad it just didn’t compare well to the book. I recommend watching the movie first and then reading the book if you haven’t already read the book. I think that would be a great way to take it all in. I enjoyed the movie when I ignored the differences between the movie and the book and I hope that you all will too.

What are your thoughts on this movie?

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