Dark Matter (Contagion) By Teri Terry Book Review

I got a advanced reader copy of the book at yallwest. Thanks to Charlesbridge Teen and Netgalley for the free copy in exchange for a review.

Summary: Callie has gone missing and her brother, Kai is starting to believe that he is never going to find her or know what happened to her. Just as he is about to lose hope he meets Shay who recalls a girl who fits the description of Kai’s sister. While on this search to find his sister, Shay and Kai wind up encountering an epidemic that is quickly making its way through Scotland and they are in a race against time. Will Shay and Kai be able to bypass this epidemic and find Callie or will it be too late?

Thoughts: I will read anything that has to do with contagions, epidemics, viruses, and diseases so this was no exception. I was very pleased by so many things in this book but I will say that it isn’t for everyone, as much as I want to have everyone read this book. If you’re a bit squeamish I would say you might want to pass on this book but if not then read on.

When reading books about epidemics and contagions I always enjoy a map being included in the beginning because it makes it easy for me to follow the disease, virus, parasite, or whatever else is causing people to die in large quantities. I love being able to refer back to the map anytime that a character mentions their location or what is happening to people in different parts of Scotland.

I love how the story is told in the perspective of two characters and both of them are talking in first person. I was worried it would get confusing or that they would distract from each other’s story but it was quite the opposite. I felt that hearing from both of their perspectives really adds to the story and is has more of an impact when you find out small details about both of the girls.

Something else that I enjoyed was the explanation for what this epidemic really is. It was a bit difficult for me to understand and I had to read it more than once to get it but I loved that it was different from others I have read in the past. I love that it was something completely out of the norm and something that really made you think.

If you would like to read this book you can find it on Amazon or look for it at your local library.

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