The Lady in the Coppergate Tower

Thank You to Shadow Mountain Press for a copy of this book in exchange for my review.

Summary: (Borrowed from Barnes and Noble) Hazel Hughes believes there is nothing remarkable about her, not even her strange ability to heal the sick and injured. Her employer, Doctor Sam MacInnes recognizes her special talent, but because of the difference in their social status, he can’t tell her how much he admires her. When a mysterious count arrives in London and reveals to Hazel the existence a twin sister, she agrees to accompany him to the wilds of Romania, where she learns that her healing skills are needed to save her twin’s life. Worried for her safety, Sam insists on traveling with her.

Faced with dark magic, malfunctioning automatons, and dangerous magical artifacts, Hazel and Sam learn to rely on each other as they untangle a deadly web of mystery surrounding the count and search for a way to free Hazel’s sister from the cursed walls of the Coppergate Tower before time runs out on all of them.

Thoughts: This book I was hesitant to read because Romance is not a genre that I usually read and I was judging a book by its cover. I decided to go ahead and read it anyway since I like to give books a try. I found that there were so many things that I really enjoyed about this book.

I love the way that the author describes every scene and every item that you encounter, it made me feel like I was in the story. I loved the way the automatons interacted with the people and especially loved Eugene’s sarcasm and wit. It really added some light humor to a rather dire situation for our characters.

Something else I liked was the mystery aspect to this story, it was much more than just a romance between the main characters. They were working together to try and figure out Petrescu’s motives and along the way establishing that they were more than just business partners. I loved how the book had moments that it quickly picked up the pace before going smoothly back into the regular pace. The action scenes had me intrigued the whole time and I was worried for all of the characters.

Overall this book was a quick read with twists and turns and a great steampunk retelling of repunzal. I recommend this to you who love a great YA romance book or who like retellings of stories.

You can purchase this book at Barnes and Noble or look for it at your local library.

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