One of Us is Lying Book Review

Summary: 5 students go into detention together but only 4 come out alive. A traumatic incident has caused the death of one of the students in detention and the police believe that the other 4 must have something to do with it. Who is to blame? Which student has the most motive? How did they do it?

Thoughts: I read this as part of a book club that I am in online and I have loved each of that book club’s picks so far and this did not disappoint. I was a little worried after I got through the first few chapters that I wans’t going to like this book because I had guessed what the result was but I kept reading to see if I was right.

My guess was correct but even as it all unraveled I was still shocked to see how it happened and why it was done that way. I loved the twist in the story and the twists that kept coming even if I knew the results.

Something that I loved about this story was how the characters developed throughout the whole book. I like how their relationships with each other changed gradually and how their feelings about each other shifted. I also liked how they developed on their own and with their respective families, I felt that it all added to the story as their secrets were revealed.

Something else that I loved about this story was the balance of dialogue, narration, and the character’s internal thoughts. I usually like a lot of dialogue to move the story along faster but I think this story was told in the things that were not said and that was interesting. I like how we even get the extra characters and we hear the main characters thoughts on these people who play a big role in their life. I really think the addition of so many characters was done seemlessly.

You can purchase this book at Barnes and Noble or look for it at your local library.

6 thoughts on “One of Us is Lying Book Review

  1. I read this book just a while back and I too even after guessing the end read on for the thrill of it all. The character development and their personal pov is a great addition to the mystery. Are you planning to read the sequel though? Anyway great to hear your thoughts.🌻


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