Guest: A Changeling Story Book Review

Summary: Mollie knows better than to praise her brother because her whole town knows that the Kinde folk are always listening. Unfortunately Mollie forgets the #1 rule and speaks good words of her brother and the next thing she knows there is something else in his place. Mollie sets off with the changeling in hopes to exchange it for her brother. Will Mollie succeed in getting her brother back? Will the Kinde folk be willing to take their kind back? Why didn’t they want their own child?

Thoughts: Let me start off by saying if you are an adult who is going to read this go in knowing that it is meant for grades 5-7 so it is written that way. When keeping the audience in mind I thought this was a great book for plenty of reasons. I really enjoyed how simple everything was yet how there were still so many twists that I never saw coming.

I really enjoyed that the main character was naive and acted her age. I read too many books that are meant for a younger audience in which the protagonist seems like they are an adult and it throws me off. It was refreshing to read something different as Mollie gets into a whole lot of trouble for being a child.

Something else that I liked was the way that the twists unfolded, it seemed like there was no substance to them but as I kept reading I thought differently. I thought it was great that there was an element of surprise but it didn’t throw off the main course of the book. I also liked that the twists were simple enough for 5-7 graders to understand and still want to read more.

I recommend this to adults looking for a nice simple read or to those of you who might be looking for something that 5-7 graders might enjoy. This is one that I think can get boys to enjoy reading.

You can get this at Barnes and Noble or look for it at your local library.

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