Dear Sweet Pea by Julie Murphy Book Review

Thank You to HarperCollins for the copy of this book in exchange for my review.

Summary: Sweet Pea has no idea what to expect when her parent’s announce that they are getting a divorce. She definitely didn’t expect that they would be living only one house apart in almost identical houses. Things suddenly change for Sweet Pea when the writer for an advice columnist, her neighbor, Miss Flora Mae, asks her to forward her the letters. Sweet Pea believes that she recognizes the writing on one of these letters though and she decides to answer the letter herself. Her answering this letter changes so many things for her and her relationships with others. What happens next with Sweet Pea? Does the answering of this letter have positive or negative consequences?

Thoughts: I really enjoy how this books deals with divorce, sexuality, and body positivity. I like that the book is written for a younger audience because I hardly see books with fat protagonists in them. Something I enjoyed in regards to the body positivity aspect of this book was how the main character and her family made it a point that far wasn’t a bad word. I thought with all the images out there pressuring children especially young girls to be a certain size this was a great way to show that we come in all shapes and sizes and none is any more valuable than the other.

Something else I enjoyed was the way that Sweet Pea’s parents divorce was handled. The parents were still civil with each other and explained to her what was happening. They dealt with the comments that they received from the others in this small neighborhood well too. I loved that the reasoning behind them getting a divorce was in order for the dad to live his life authentically and so both the mother and father had a chance at happiness.

I think that children ages 8-13 would enjoy this book and adults should share this with their children or students. I recommend this to anyone who enjoys reading books with body positive narratives and books with LGBTQ+ characters.

You can buy this book at Barnes and Noble or look for it at your local library.

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