This or That Book Tag

This is the first tag time I’ve been tagged on something on my blog and I figured why not give it a try. Chapel over at Kavordian Library tagged me in this one so thank you for that. This is a nice fun way to get to know me.

The Couch or the Bed

This one is so hard for me to decide because I like to keep my bed for only sleeping or else getting to sleep becomes a chore for me. The couch is comfy only for a short period of time though and then I get distracted by 500 other things. I think I’ll go with the bed but not necessarily my bed, like I love using my mom’s bed to read in when no one is around.

Main Male or Female MC

I love a female MC, I don’t think I’ve read very many books that have a great main male character. I love the perspective that a good female MC brings to a book.

Sweet or Salty Snacks

I have this discussion at work all the time and I will always stick to sweet snacks. Salty snacks are good once in a while but only in limited quantity but for sweets just give me them all. I don’t think that there is a sweet snack that I don’t enjoy.

Trilogies or Quartets

This one really depends on the book, if the plot can get done in three books then there is no need for a fourth one. I think most of my favorite series are done in trilogies.

A.M. or P.M.

So I used to be a P.M person and love reading through the night until I started a full time job. I love reading in the A.M. now, there’s something about breaking into a good book so early in the morning when people aren’t awake yet. The world just seems so quiet and at peace.

First or Third P.O.V.

I love a good first P.O.V. because it feels like I’m right there in the story. It makes all the emotions that I feel throughout the book 10x better. I also love how mysterious it is because you don’t know much about the other character’s actions or thoughts.

Libraries or Bookstores

I used to always be at book stores but then Borders closed and I couldn’t find a new favorite. I love the library and am a big advocate for them because you cant get better than free media renting. The library also has so much to offer like programming and a place to build community with others.

Laugh or Cry

I want a book to make me cry because I cry for sad things and happy things and anything that gives me overwhelming emotions of any kind makes me cry.

Black or White Covers

Hm well I don’t really have a preference for the color of books. I don’t organize my shelve using colors so I like a variety of them.

Character or Plot Driven

I prefer a great plot driven book because I feel like the book goes a lot faster. I want the characters to be well developed though so I feel like I want a good balance of these in the things that I read.

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