Chronicles of a Spellcaster: Book One: Orientation Book Review

Thank you to the publisher of this book for a copy of the book in exchange for my review.

Author Information

J.J. Singleton is an author who holds a Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology and a Master’s Degree in Ancient Studies. Throughout his life, he has dealt with Dyslexia. So, books were never a source of entertainment for him when he was younger. With the difficulties he had with reading and writing, he never dreamed he would one day write a book. He always had a vivid imagination. When he was a young child, he was always pretending that he was the main character in the imaginary stories he created in his mind. Remembering the worlds and characters he created and combining his creative thoughts with historical themes and ideas he learned from his academic career, he has created his first novel Chronicles of a Spell Caster.

When not writing, he likes to play tennis, travel, and watch various tv series, his favorite are historical dramas. His favorite trip was to Greece, one of the many places he studied. He plans to continue his travels to a variety of locations around the globe. His goal is to see many of the historical places he studied and gather inspiration for future projects.

Book Description

With Jet’s freshman year gearing up to start, and the normal pressures of college looming, Jet will have to navigate finding a place to fit in, classes, homework, tests, and papers, but in a world where people have powers and abilities and can do extraordinary things. A new norm has been imbedded into the College curriculum. Students must also complete tasks and assignments within a virtual reality called the AITS to hone their abilities and skills. The idea of who is the strongest, hovers over the whole student body and fighting, backstabbing and betrayal are ever present.

This notion is amplified during the spring semester of every year when the student spends the remainder of the year within the AITS. Over time Jet will find out who his real friends are and what he must do to survive this hostile world of college. What secrets will be revealed this year. Will one of them be Jet’s dark secret? Will he be able to control the aftermath if it’s revealed or will it harm everyone around him?


Thoughts and Themes: When I read the title of this book I was excited to read more because everything that I ever wrote about when I was younger was spellcasters vs another world. The only books that I knew of growing up with magic were Harry Potter and thankfully I never really got into those. I was thrilled to find a book that had magic, a new world, and more. The only thing was I was a bit surprised by how much I actually really enjoyed this book because I was worried that I wouldn’t really enjoy this book because when I started it, it took me a while to get into it. I was also worried that I wouldn’t enjoy this one because of the strong emphasis on sports. I am not a big fan of sports books but I realized that many of the fantasy books that I have enjoyed this year have the sports theme in common.

I really enjoyed the world building through this book and how you get the history of this world along with the action scenes that keep you reading. I also liked how the world was being built along with the action scenes that kept taking place. I thought that having those action scenes throughout the world building kept me wanting to know what would happen.

I found that while there were some predictable moments, those moments still had a twist to them. The twists that were included through these predictable moments caught me off guard and made me want to know what would happen to Jet. I was glad to know that this was the first book in a series because I could always use some more magic books.

Characters: While there were parts of the main character that really annoyed me, I grew to really like the main character and the occasional sarcasm that we get from him. At first I was frustrated because he seems to be all powerful and all knowing and I just can’t get into stories where characters have no flaws. I was pleased to find as you read more that he did have a fatal flaw and loved how this flaw plays into his story and how it holds him back at times.

I really enjoyed reading about Jet’s past and how this world’s past was affecting current time. I liked seeing how Jet’s relationships were being affected by who and what he is. I thought it was great to see how the other students reacted to finding out information about Jet. I also really enjoyed getting to learn about the other characters and wanted to learn more about specific ones.

Writing Style: This story is told in first person through the eyes of the main character, Jet. This does at times make it seem like the narrator is all knowing which I found got frustrating at the beginning. Something that confused me at times was there are moments in which the story switches and is told in third person when scenes are included that Jet is not a part of. I found that it might have worked better and more seamlessly if it was kept in first person through another character’s view point.

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