Bookish Goals for 2021

I really should’ve posted this at the beginning of this year but things got busy and I didn’t have time to write this post. It was a lot easier to go ahead and post things I had already written. I want to separate the types of bookish goals I have because I have some reading goals for the year and then I have goals for each of my social media sites. I want to share these with you all because I feel this makes it so that I am held accountable for these goals. I’ll make sure to update you all on these goals, for now I’m thinking I’ll do a mid-year update.

Reading Goals

At this time my plan is to complete 75 books this year, while secretly hoping that this is the year I can finally get to 100 books. I’m currently at 11 out of those 75 books and if I keep reading at this rate I should be able to reach that goal sooner rather than later.

I plan on reading 50 pages of a physical book each day, 15% of my e-book a day and 2 hours of an audio book per day. I am doing really poorly with 50 pages a day and 15% of an e-book. I wind up having to use all day of a weekend to complete my physical book and then all day of another day to complete the e-book. The goal is to have 1 of each type of book completed each week and so far I haven’t failed with that goal. Listening to 2 hours of an audiobook a day has been easier this year than last as I just do that while working. It does mean that sometimes I rewind and re-listen to pieces but that’s okay.

Something else that I really want to do this year is complete a buddy read. This one is really on me and I just need to stop being scared to participate in one. I always worry that I won’t be able to keep up with reading the book or I won’t like the book. I just need to get over this fear and reach out when others are seeking buddies to read with.

I also really want to complete a readathon this year and there are so many that I want to participate in. Some I just don’t know how to and others well I have tried and just can’t read fast enough to complete them.

Bookish Social Media Goals

This is the harder part of my bookish goals because I can only do so much to promote myself. I’m also really bad about promoting myself on social media. Something I had planned to do this year was revamp each of my social media sites but I had time last year so I did some of it last year.

For Instagram, my goal this year is to reach 2,000 followers which I am only 500 followers away from. I also hope to host a giveaway on my instagram but I am just working on what kind it should be and how to go about this. For instagram, I also want to start sharing more of my life outside of books, so start sharing more of me. I realized that I don’t share much of me beyond books and thought you all deserve to know me. I’m just trying to figure out how to intricate more of my interests on there.

Twitter- I am so surprised that I even got any followers there but I am so pleased. I love being able to engage with the book community on twitter and have found such a supportive community on there. I have 400 followers on there and the goal is to just keep the followers and to post more content on there. I have to see what others post on twitter and see how to continue promoting my blog post and insta posts on there while maintaining a balance of original content.

For this blog, the goal is to reach 250 followers which isn’t much more than what I have now. Thank you all for following me, it really means a lot that over 200 of you decided to follow me and stick with me. Another goal for this blog is to remain consistent with my posting so I currently am posting Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday. This might change month for month but the goal is to always post 3 times. This means that I will need to figure out what else to post about weekly. Lately I’ve been watching one movie a week so I may be able to start my movie and book comparisons up again, or might just start a movie review page on here.

Let me know if you have any ideas for what else I could write on here, what do you want to see?

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