The Grove Collaborative App/Subscription Review

I wanted to branch out and talk about other things on here along with book reviews so I thought I would introduce new things on here once a week. As you all have seen, I’ve started including movie reviews on here and have done a few app reviews. I thought it would be a great time to introduce you all to some of my favorite subscriptions that I have.

About the App-Grove COllaborative

Keeping your home humming is easier than ever with the Grove app. Review and manage your upcoming Grove orders — anytime, any place. Plus discover new healthy formulas for every room and everyone in the family.

We exclusively offer healthy home essentials that are better for you and the planet — from cleaning supplies and hand soap to vitamins and body wash.

We make sure you never run out of your essentials by setting up customizable refill shipments. Don’t worry: refill orders are always in your control. Delay, edit, or cancel at any time.

Try without worry. If you aren’t entirely happy, we’ll refund you — no questions asked.

My thoughts on the app and subscription

I had been looking for more eco-friendly and sustainable options for some of the things that I use in my house and was happy to stumble upon the Grove Collaborative. I decided to grab their 60 day subscription and have received two boxes since signing up and I think i’ll most definitely be signing up for their yearly subscription.

In my first box, I got a free Mrs. Meyers cleaning set, a micro manager cleaning brush, dog poop bags, walnut scrubber sponges, bar soap, toilet cleaner, facial tissues, reusable snack bags, kitchen wipes, and laundry powder packs. The best part was that this all came down to $35 which I was really pleased by because I tend to find sustainable options tend to not be affordable. I really liked all of the products that I got in my first shipment which is why I went and ahead and ordered a second one coming sometime this week.

My favorite items so far have to be the tissue paper that doesn’t make my nose read and also is thick enough to hold mucus. I hate tissues that make it feel like everything got on my hand rather than on the tissue. I also really like the toilet cleaner that I got because there is no scent. I hated cleaning the toilet because I felt I would scrub and scrub and scrub and while the toilet would look pretty, it would still smell like pee. I found that the toilet cleaner doesn’t have a scent to it but it leaves the restroom smelling fresh and clean.

It was really easy to hop on the app and add everything I needed to my cart and make adjustments up until the day my shipment was sent to go out. I really like how the app separates the items into household, baby & kids, personal care, pet, clean beauty, and discover. I also like how they have their video library on there and give you suggestions based on things you have ordered in the past.

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