Surviving Higher Ed Podcast hosted by Michael Gamez & Crystal De La Riva Review

About the Podcast

Surviving Higher Ed was prompted by our experiences of working in higher education and student affairs – toxic leadership, burnout, job transition. Higher ed professionals often pour their soul into supporting students and are rarely compensated fairly. Michael is a recent expat of the field, having transitioned to corporate. Crystal is a former higher education professional turned mental health clinician. We want to create a space for you to feel seen and heard, and learn from current and previous higher ed professionals.

My Review

I started listening to this one as soon as it came out because I am on the fence about staying or leaving higher education. I got into this field because I just loved my experience working with students throughout my undergraduate and graduate experience. I didn’t really start thinking about leaving until the pandemic happened and remote work was an option and then things changed when things opened up. I also am reconsidering the field because of this constant statement that this isn’t the field to be rich in, while money at first wasn’t why I went into this field, I do live in LA and its kind of necessary to make money to live here.

I love that this whole podcast isn’t just about pushing people out of higher education but more so giving the realities of what working in higher education is like. I really enjoy the honesty that you get with this podcast and love all of the guests that they have on this show. This is one that I don’t even notice how much time has passed while listening to it because of how much I am getting out of it.

I listen to this one on Google podcast but you can find it on Apple podcasts, Spotify, and Google podcasts.

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