Everyplate App and Subscription Review

I want to continue giving you all app reviews and now that I started this subscription I want to give you glimpses into my cooking adventures. I will go ahead and start with my review of this app as well as the subscription to it. Keep an eye on the blog or check out my instagram for updates on the weekly things I cook using this subscription.

About the App- Everyplate

My thoughts on the app and subscription

Throughout the pandemic, I had been looking for a food subscription box that would suit me but I was struggling to find something that was just right. I came across Everyplate through one of my friends and looked into it before deciding to sign up for the first box since there was a discount.

Prior to signing up some of the things that sold me was the ability to review the menu in advance so I could see if there was enough variety that I would like 4 items a week. I am a picky eater so this was the number 1 concern of mine when it came to picking a box. I knew that the main dish was going to be okay but it is always the sides that get to me because I hate vegetables. I actually was quite pleased with the recipes for the vegetables for this one because they had options to switch something out and there’s always the option to cook the vegetables in the way you want rather than following the recipe.

My second concern was what if there was too much food and I don’t need the next week or I’m away or for whatever reason, I needed to skip a week without canceling the subscription. This is something that is offered by Everyplate and is a great feature that I’ve already had to use and it was so easy to skip a week.

Something else that is really important to me when it comes to any subscription service is their customer service. I winded up having to contact them because two boxes were ordered within 2 days of each other and I knew that would be way too much food for me.

It was really easy to hop on the app and select the meals that I wanted for several weeks or click on the week and ask for it to be skipped. I love how the app allows you to go through each recipe, see the image, ingredients, and instructions on how to cook each item. I also really like that each menu item lets you know how long it will take to cook so you can decide if you have the time to spend that week on something.

Everyplate did give me 4 invites for a free box where you will only pay $10 for shipping and can cancel any time as well as give friends $20, get $20 coupons. If you’d like a free box let me know so I can send you the invite.

The Grove Collaborative App/Subscription Review

I wanted to branch out and talk about other things on here along with book reviews so I thought I would introduce new things on here once a week. As you all have seen, I’ve started including movie reviews on here and have done a few app reviews. I thought it would be a great time to introduce you all to some of my favorite subscriptions that I have.

About the App-Grove COllaborative

Keeping your home humming is easier than ever with the Grove app. Review and manage your upcoming Grove orders — anytime, any place. Plus discover new healthy formulas for every room and everyone in the family.

We exclusively offer healthy home essentials that are better for you and the planet — from cleaning supplies and hand soap to vitamins and body wash.

We make sure you never run out of your essentials by setting up customizable refill shipments. Don’t worry: refill orders are always in your control. Delay, edit, or cancel at any time.

Try without worry. If you aren’t entirely happy, we’ll refund you — no questions asked.

My thoughts on the app and subscription

I had been looking for more eco-friendly and sustainable options for some of the things that I use in my house and was happy to stumble upon the Grove Collaborative. I decided to grab their 60 day subscription and have received two boxes since signing up and I think i’ll most definitely be signing up for their yearly subscription.

In my first box, I got a free Mrs. Meyers cleaning set, a micro manager cleaning brush, dog poop bags, walnut scrubber sponges, bar soap, toilet cleaner, facial tissues, reusable snack bags, kitchen wipes, and laundry powder packs. The best part was that this all came down to $35 which I was really pleased by because I tend to find sustainable options tend to not be affordable. I really liked all of the products that I got in my first shipment which is why I went and ahead and ordered a second one coming sometime this week.

My favorite items so far have to be the tissue paper that doesn’t make my nose read and also is thick enough to hold mucus. I hate tissues that make it feel like everything got on my hand rather than on the tissue. I also really like the toilet cleaner that I got because there is no scent. I hated cleaning the toilet because I felt I would scrub and scrub and scrub and while the toilet would look pretty, it would still smell like pee. I found that the toilet cleaner doesn’t have a scent to it but it leaves the restroom smelling fresh and clean.

It was really easy to hop on the app and add everything I needed to my cart and make adjustments up until the day my shipment was sent to go out. I really like how the app separates the items into household, baby & kids, personal care, pet, clean beauty, and discover. I also like how they have their video library on there and give you suggestions based on things you have ordered in the past.

Library Reading Apps- Libby and Overdrive

I wanted to branch out and talk about other things on here along with book reviews so I thought Sundays would be my day to introduce you all to new things. I decided that Sundays just weren’t good so I just will spread these out throughout the month. Some of the things I have planned are: App reviews, movie reviews and recs, and taking you on my cooking adventures.

About the Apps- Libby and Overdrive


Borrow eBooks, audiobooks, and streaming video from your library using OverDrive on your Android device. More than 40,000 libraries worldwide offer titles from OverDrive, so download the app and find your next book today!

• Available 24/7, now the library comes to you.
• No more late fees. Titles are automatically returned.
• Place holds, create wish lists, and return titles easily.
• Sync libraries, bookmarks, and recent positions across mobile devices.
• A valid account with a participating library, school, or other institution is required.
• Each library builds its own collection of titles. Contact them directly to let them know that you’re using OverDrive and to share any suggestions for books you would like to see them carry.


All over the world, local libraries offer millions of ebooks and audiobooks. You can borrow them — for free, instantly — with a library card and Libby: the award-winning, much-loved app for libraries.

• Browse your library’s digital catalog of books — from classics to NYT best-sellers
• Borrow and enjoy ebooks, audiobooks, and magazines
• Download titles for offline reading, or stream them to save space
• Send ebooks to your Kindle (U.S. libraries only)
• Listen to audiobooks via Apple CarPlay
• Use tags to create your must-read list and any other book lists you want
• Keep your reading position automatically synced on all your devices

In our beautiful, intuitive ebook reader:

• Adjust text size, background color, and book design
• Zoom into magazines and comic books
• Define and search for words and phrases
• Read and listen to read-alongs with your kids
• Add bookmarks, notes, and highlights

In our ground-breaking audio player:

• Slow down or speed up the audio (0.6 to 3.0x)
• Set a sleep timer
• Simply swipe to skip forward and backward
• Add bookmarks, notes, and highlights

Libby is built by the team at OverDrive, in support of local libraries everywhere.

My Thoughts on the Apps


I use this app the most out of all the library apps that are available to me. I just love how easy it is to pop on there and grab a book, place ahold, or even recommend titles that the library doesn’t own. I like that once you place a recommendation it adds you to the waitlist for the book and it is very simple to acquire books once they are ready for you.

I’ve placed several holds through Overdrive for both e-books and audiobooks and I love how it gives me the estimate for how long it will take to get the book. I love being able to plan my reading based on this and like that I can say pass on me for now. I have used this feature before and the great thing is that it lets you know when you should expect the book to arrive again.

I remember when I lived in Fullerton and only had one library available to me in person, overdrive really came in handy since I was able to use my Los Angeles Public Library card to access books digitally.


I rarely use Libby but I have heard great things about it. I like that this app tells you how many people are in line waiting for the book, when it is due and gives you the option to manage books you have loaned out. With Libby I also like the option to add multiple library cards so you can see if other libraries have the item that you are searching for.

I like how easy it is to use the guides on Libby for different topics and to get book suggestions if you don’t know what you are looking for. I also like that you can access the librarian lists and see what they suggest based on what type of reading you want.

Libby has a lot more images and looks more appealing than overdrive does but since I used Overdrive first that is still my go to. I will be using Libby more now after discovering their generated list, especially as I recommend books to other people.

Joyn-Joyful Movement App Review

I wanted to branch out and talk about other things on here along with book reviews so I thought Sundays would be my day to introduce you all to new things. Some of the things I have planned are: App reviews, movie reviews and recs, and taking you on my cooking adventures.

About the AppJoyn

Photo from Joyn Site

THE BIG PICTURE: A world where all people are inspired to move in a way that feel joyful and free!
HOW WE GET THERE: By creating a digital space rooted in body-neutrality, where you get to make all of the rules.

Instead of asking yourself, “what should I do? or “how should I move?” we want to ask you… “How do you want to feel”? And “What inspires you?”

We want to remind you that you get to check in with yourself at anytime to decide…How much energy do I have right now?

What teacher feels exciting for me to move with today?
Would moving from a chair feel more supportive?
Would feel better to slow down and meditate today?

Joyn is about choice, and body autonomy.

We believe that how you move changes.
We believe you know your body best.
We believe that movement should evoke joy.
We believe that some of you want to sweat!
We believe that some of you want to find more peace.
We believe you deserve lots of choices.
We believe in you. And that is our WHY.

YOU are the reason we are here.
YOU deserve a space where movement meets joy.
YOU are badass, and we can’t wait to move with you!

Are you ready to JOYN us?

You can find Joyn at:

Instagram ~ Website ~ Twitter ~ Facebook ~ Youtube

My Thoughts on the App

This Sunday I wanted to talk to you about Joyn which is an app that I just recently stumbled upon because of a sponsored ad on Instagram. I have been working out consistently since the start of this year and prior to that I just couldn’t find a routine that worked for me. I really liked the app I was using but then I found this and really loved it. I’m currently on their free month trial but I will probably keep this subscription going at $9.99 a month.

My favorite thing about this app is how it really is centered on movement and how that should be accessible to everyone. This app includes exercises for everyone and I love that they even have exercises that can be done while sitting in a chair.

I’ll tell you about the few workouts that I have done through this app. I have only gone through 3 full workouts through this app but each of them were great. I completed a Yoga workout, fun with brooms and Pillow Fight 1. I loved that each of these used things that I already had in my house so there was no need to have a home gym to make things work. I thought that because these were just average things in your home, the workouts wouldn’t be that valuable but I was so wrong.

My favorite workout that I have done so far throughout my whole time working out this year has been a workout called Pillow Fight through this app. I was laughing through this whole workout and by the end not only was I laughing but I was cursing at the pillow for the amount of work it had made me do. I didn’t expect for that workout to take so much out of me because its a pillow that you’re basically beating up but after three rounds of fighting this pillow I was so ready to lay down and let this pillow win the fight.

I love that each of the people who create the videos introduces themselves to you with their pronouns and that they all encourage you to move. I love that there is no point in which I feel that I am being forced to keep moving and there is no point where the person makes you feel that the goal is to lose weight. Many times I stop working out or wind up disliking the trainer because the focus is on losing weight and making your body “look good” but I just want to move for fun.

I love that this app can be cast to my Chromecast so that I can watch it on my television and not have to worry about only having a small screen. The best thing about this app is that it is available through the app store as well as the google play store. If either of those don’t work for you, you can also use their website and find the workouts there.

I can’t wait to see what else they add to this app. Start your free trial now by clicking here.