Surviving Higher Ed Podcast hosted by Michael Gamez & Crystal De La Riva Review

About the Podcast

Surviving Higher Ed was prompted by our experiences of working in higher education and student affairs – toxic leadership, burnout, job transition. Higher ed professionals often pour their soul into supporting students and are rarely compensated fairly. Michael is a recent expat of the field, having transitioned to corporate. Crystal is a former higher education professional turned mental health clinician. We want to create a space for you to feel seen and heard, and learn from current and previous higher ed professionals.

My Review

I started listening to this one as soon as it came out because I am on the fence about staying or leaving higher education. I got into this field because I just loved my experience working with students throughout my undergraduate and graduate experience. I didn’t really start thinking about leaving until the pandemic happened and remote work was an option and then things changed when things opened up. I also am reconsidering the field because of this constant statement that this isn’t the field to be rich in, while money at first wasn’t why I went into this field, I do live in LA and its kind of necessary to make money to live here.

I love that this whole podcast isn’t just about pushing people out of higher education but more so giving the realities of what working in higher education is like. I really enjoy the honesty that you get with this podcast and love all of the guests that they have on this show. This is one that I don’t even notice how much time has passed while listening to it because of how much I am getting out of it.

I listen to this one on Google podcast but you can find it on Apple podcasts, Spotify, and Google podcasts.

In All Honesty with Michelle Elman Podcast Review

About the Podcast

We all have that friend that teeters on the line of too-honest. She may not be the friend to go to when you’ve decided to get back together with your ex, but she’ll definitely be the friend you go to when it all backfires and you are ready for the truth. That’s where In All Honesty comes in. Each week, five board accredited life coach and best selling author Michelle Elman, will answer your questions using both her expertise and her experience of working with clients to provide solutions that not only work but enhance your life. In All Honesty makes personal development accessible, with help from a professional, without the six-week waiting list. You can find out more about Michelle on Instagram (@ScarredNotScared), Twitter (@ScarredNtScared) or her website

My Thoughts

I love this podcast so much and I listen to this when I am feeling extremely anxious because it tends to calm me down. A lot of the advice that Michelle gives in this podcast are things that I have used in my daily life and following her has helped me with my self-care and also to be more in touch with who I am. This is one of those podcasts that I have a notebook with while listening to it because there are things I like to jot down. I also love to journal while listening because it brings up a lot of feelings for me. Something I really enjoy about this podcast is the way that television show scenes are included in order to depict some of the feelings that the episode is tackling.

I listen to this on Amazon Music but you can also find it on Audible, Spotify, Itunes

Tell Me With Ellen Pompeo Podcast Review

I realized that something I started doing a lot recently beyond reading and watching movies was listening to podcasts. I wanted to share my podcasting experiences with you because I actually find the ones I list to be great parts of my self-care. I’m moving toward sharing my self-care activities with you all rather than just my reading experiences. My self-care activities include movie watching, cooking/baking, reading, podcast listening, crocheting, and so much more. Let me know what you all want to see more of.

I’ll start this with my review of Ellen Pompeo’s podcast which I have been listening to since it started. I love Grey’s Anatomy and I follow a lot of the actors and their lives outside of the show so I was so excited when I saw that Ellen was going to start her own podcast. This is a podcast that I can’t wait for new episodes to air and look forward to my commute so that I can listen to an episode.

Podcast Information

Where you can find it: Audible, Apple Podcasts, I Heart Radio and Amazon Music

Length of episodes: ~50minutes-1hour

My favorite episode: This is so hard to pick since I have loved so much of them. I think I’ll go with the episode with Eric Dane. I just love when she has previous Grey’s Anatomy stars on the podcast.

My overall thoughts: I love listening to this podcast as I have mentioned above. I learn so much from each of these episodes about what the people Ellen has on there are involved in. I love learning more about these people beyond what we hear about them in the media. I love getting to hear about their everyday lives and what they find important beyond their main career. This is a great podcast to listen to while you are on the way to work in the morning to get you excited to start the day.