Review Policy

Hello and Welcome. If you happen to be on this page of my blog, chances are you would like to ask me to review your novel. (If that’s the case, thank you in advance for the opportunity!)

I am currently closed for reviewing books until 2023. I am prioritizing LGBTQ+ authors, and authors of color. I am an own voices reviewer for Latinx (Mexican/Salvadorian), Transgender, Nonbinary, bisexual, demisexual, neurodivergent books. I review books not only on this blog but also on my instagram (@quirkybibliophile), TikTok (@QuirkyBibliophile), Goodreads, Facebook, and Amazon (if possible). I share all reviews on Twitter and LinkedIn as well. Things you might want to know about my review style are:

  1. I will give you an honest review but I try to put things nicely and my criticism is always constructive. If it’s not for me that doesn’t mean that others won’t enjoy it.
  2. I am very careful about not revealing any spoiler information so sometimes my reviews skim over the plot.
  3. I am very detail oriented so I notice if things don’t really add up or make sense.
  4. I will try to post any review as soon as I finish reading the book

Things I Am NOT Accepting:

– self-published novels

-Self-Help Books


-Religious novels

Genre’s That I Read

-YA: I will try any YA novel regardless of the subgenre that it is a part of. I prefer contemporary, romance, fantasy and sci-fi.

Adult Fiction: In this case I am a little more selective, I will read anything that has to do with viruses, diseases, dystopian societies, and fantasy novels. I’m currently not accepting historical fiction at this time.

Formats that I Accept

– physical copy (ARC or hardcover)
– digital copies (Any form that can be opened on Kindle)

Please Include these items in your review request

– summary of the book
– the release date
– If you have a timeframe for when I would need to review the book please include that.

Things I am also open to:

 giveaways: I will post a giveaway of a book I have read or want to read.
– blog tours: I will participate if I am interested in the book or have read it.
Authors Interviews: I will participate if it is an author I am familiar with or their work is something that interests me

Contact me at:

DaiGuerra (at) csu (dot) fullerton (dot) edu