Bernard Pepperlin Book Review

Thank You to HarperCollins for the advanced copy of the book in exchange for my review.

Summary: Bernard is stuck in the world of Alice and Wonderland after Alice no longer lives there and is living a pretty mundane life. He falls through a tea pot and escapes this world into the city of New York, but sadly that world has problems of its own. There’s a gang who wants to stop time and Bernard is afraid that if they succeed he is going to be stuck with a life like the one he had in the past but worst.

Thoughts: The characters in this story are so cute and sweet, I love that its written around animals and their lives. It was so nice to imagine that these animals who live amongst us have lives and problems of their own just like us. I really enjoyed the humor in the interactions Bernard has with other animals and the range of emotions behind those interactions.

The characters were all lovable from the instant that you met them. I loved that each of them has a different personality and quirks that make them unique. I really liked the pictures that were included because it brought these characters to life.

Something else I enjoyed in this story was the plot of these animals needing to come together to defeat this animal gang. I think it showed the powerful lesson of strength in numbers and also how important asking for help is. I think it also shows how regardless of your differences you can come together to accomplish great things.

I recommend this to children ages 7-11 and to adults who are looking for a cute short read.

You can get this book at Barnes and Noble or look for it at your local library after September 17th.