Deception (Dark Matter #2) Book Review

Thank you to Netgalley for the advanced copy of this book in exchange for my review.

Summary: There is an epidemic that is currently spreading across the country faster than people can begin to find a solution to this problem. It is believed that survivors are the ones who are spreading this disease so Shay turns herself in to the authorities. Kai on the other hand is frustrated and is now on a search for Shay after she left him without warning. Will Kai be able to find Shay? What will be revealed along the jounrey? Are survivors really the problem here?

Stop here if you haven’t read book 1 as this is a review about the second book in the series and contains spoilers about the first one.

Thoughts: Whenever a book has the mention of a virus, contagion, disease, etc. I know I’m going to have to read it. This story was no different and after reading book 1 I was so glad netgalley gave me the chance to read book 2. This is one of those books that I’m frustrated about reading as it publishes because it leaves me wanting more.

This book picks up right where they left us at the end of book 1. This book just keeps developing an even deeper plot and when I think they may be done exploring another level gets revealed. I love how elaborate this supposed virus really is and how the survivors continue discovering more about themselves as time passes. This virus seems to have a mind of its own and I cant wait to find out who the real villain of this story is.

I enjoy how much we get to know the characters from their own perspectives and minds to the views and minds of others. I cant help but love Callie, Kai, and Shay and want nothing but the best for them. It’s such a struggle to watch them be separated throughout this story when you saw them building a future in book 1. Everytime a new girl gets introduced in Kai’s life or a new boy comes into Shay’s life I’m so scared that the life Shay and Kai had before is gone.

The twists in book 2 just keep getting better and as more is revealed you as a reader keep guessing what’s going to happen now. So much of this book scares me because of how invested I am in certain people and story lines. I love hearing more about Alex, Shay and Callie’s father, and finding the story about this virus unravel as we get to know him.

I cant wait to see what happens next to all my favorite characters and to this virus.

You can get this book at Barnes and Noble or look for it at your local library.