I Let you Fall by Sara Downing Book Review

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On a summer night in London, art teacher Eve Chapman finds herself in a hospital emergency room. She watches surgeons desperately operate on a young woman with a terrible head injury. But when the bandages are removed, Eve is horrified to find her own body on the operating table.

Trapped in a coma, Eve struggles to cope with the fact that no matter how hard she tries, her family and friends cannot see or hear her. But then she meets Luca Diaz, a handsome and comatose lawyer who can see her. He takes Eve under his wing and teaches her how to use her new abilities to help the living.

As the weeks pass, Eve struggles to find a way back to her body and to Nathan, the man she loves. But the more time she spends with Luca, the more she wonders if her old life is worth going back to at all. 

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Thoughts and Themes: I was a bit weary when I decided to read this book and provide a review since it was out of my comfort zone. I am glad that I decided to give it a try anyway since I wound up really enjoying this book. It is difficult to talk about this book without giving you all any spoilers so be warned, there may be spoilers in my review.

I really enjoyed the way things come full circle in this book and how it shows that things happen for a reason. I also like how this book shows grief occurring for multiple people throughout different stages. I like how you get to see Eve grieve over different things, her family grieve, people in Luca’s life grieve, and more.

Characters: You are introduced to a few characters throughout this book through their interactions with our main character, Eve. You get to meet someone else who is also in this in-between space with her who is the love interest, Luca. You get to meet her current boyfriend, Nathan, as well as some of her family members. You also get to meet the person that Eve is responsible for watching over, Jimmy, and some students that Eve was working with.

I really enjoyed the relationship that occurs between Eve and Luca and how this slowly develops. I found that even if you go into this knowing that there will be a relationship between the two of them, it still comes surprisingly and is sweet.

Writing Style: This book is told in the third person through the perspective of Eve but it also jumps around and gives us the story from the perspective of Will’s family, and Jimmy. At first, I was quite confused as to how these other people fit into the story so I advise you to pay attention to everyone that is introduced. I really liked how we slowly find out the role that each of these people plays in Eve’s life and how she has impacted each of them.

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Sara Downing is the author of the popular Head Over Heels contemporary romance series, plus a further romance, Stage Fright, and a historical novel, Urban Venus.

In 2016, Sara published The Lost Boy, her first foray into the world of the supernatural. Her latest novel, I Let You Fall, is now on pre-order and will be available from June 20, 2022.

Sara lives in rural Worcestershire with her husband, three almost grown-up children, a Labrador and a cat. Before children she was a Chartered Accountant, but always knew her dream career lay elsewhere. She started writing in 2009 and hasn’t since yearned to return to the world of accountancy.