My Feet Don’t Touch the Ground by W. Lee Baker Book Review

Book Description

Snatched from the safety of her day-to-day life, young Crysalline wanders in search of the world she has lost.
Alone, she searches for refuge in a wild land of the 1840s.
When her own deep, yet undeniable, yearnings begin to surface, she sets off into her life adventure. The new path only reveals itself after she takes the risk and seeks what lies ahead.
This is the story of a life richly lived.


Thoughts and Themes: This isn’t the type of book that I would normally pick up but the premise interested me so I decided to give it a try. At first I was invested in the story and wanted to know what would happen to our main character, Crysalline. I was wondering if she would be alone for the whole story and then if she would ever come across her family.

I really enjoyed the portions in which she found another family and was accepted into their family as one of them. I liked watching her group up with that family and learn about herself and the world while staying with them. I liked reading as they went out in search for her family and even as things didn’t go right.

One thing that threw me off with this book was that nothing really happened. it was just a day by day description of this one girl’s journey. While there were portions that I enjoyed the day to day because things were happening, once she becomes an adult things aren’t so interesting anymore. I am not a big fan of books that don’t have a plot and for so much of this book I couldn’t see it going anywhere. Once I got to the last 40 pages I winded up skimming through the book since nothing really happened.

Characters: This book introduces you to several characters as our main character, Crysalline, comes across them. She meets a family while she is young and spends quite some time with them. While she spends time with this family and they are looking for the place she came from, they come across other people who add to the story.

I wasn’t too much of a fan of any of the characters as I didn’t attach to anyone. I did like the relationships that Crysalline develops with others and how she develops because of those relationships. I wasn’t sold on the romance in this story and it felt very shallow both on Crysalline’s end and the love interest.

Writing Style: This book is told in the first person through the perspective of Crysalline which I thought was a good way to tell the story. I felt that throughout the story as Crysalline ages we get to see this occur. I liked how at first it sounds like a child is telling you the story and voice matures as Crysalline experiences more of life.

Author Information

W. Lee Baker’s writing is inspired by life’s passages and wisdom gained along the way. His first novel is a story of that path to become a mature, well rounded adult. It is the adventure of what life can bring alive for each of us.

He has a love of wonder, inspired by his spiritual quest. Continuing to learn from challenges has provided joy and rewards of character never previously imagined. He has also climbed in the Himalayas, scuba-dived at Cocos Island, Costa Rica, and enjoyed afternoons in the cafes of Paris and Prague. A lifelong creative with a career in professional photography, he found the time and gateway to be able to write and share this novel. He brings life into his writing so we may see the beautiful delicacy of this world. It can be a wondrous ride.